Design for Diversity

Design 157, Interactive Media II

Using the front-end stack to create interactions

glenda drew (with Spencer Mathews) and Katia Vega (Yuan Pan)

Kiosk designed & built by

Violet Elder and Tara Parker-Essig!

An Eldernary Day

An Eldernary Day by Annie Hu

An Eldernary Day is a first-person interactive story about the daily life of an elder. It aims to spread awareness on the mental health of seniors.

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Check Yoself

Check Yoself by Sandra Bae

Check Yoself! provides an interactive way to inform folks about the potential microaggressions in the language they might use.

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Identity Signs

Identity Signs

Identity Signs is a workshop that aims to highlight how different identities may be more or less salient in different people's everyday lives.

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Designers of Color

Designers of Color by Fiona Zhou and Vivian Luu

Designers of Color is an interactive platform that takes user-submitted profiles and plots them on a map to show diversity across design.

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Utter by Crystal Sandmire

Utter is a learning platform that seeks to connect the world through visual communication by teaching the basics of the ASL alphabet.

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Unspoken by Cherilyn Seetho and Timothea Wang

Unspoken is a safe space for UC Davis students to share and view stories from their college experience—a precious time of personal growth.

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Mooder by Elle Luo

Mooder is a mood filter website that treats people with stress and helps them feel better about themselves.

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Who We Are

Who We Are by Anthony Liu

Who We Are is an educational web experience designed to remind its visitors that we are more than labels.

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Solace by Adeline Levana Soekawan and Anatta Indy Souvannarath

Solace is a safe space where individuals with anxiety and/or depression can turn to in the case of an episode.

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Mansplain Generator

Mansplain Generator by Daria Taback

Mansplaining is a concept that speaks to a commonly felt experience: male arrogance over women about knowledge.

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